Ajira Training Manager

Job Summary

Wassha is looking to employ a Training Manager with outstanding written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills.

  • Minimum Qualification: Bachelor
  • Experience Level: Mid level
  • Experience Length: 2 years

Job Description

A Training Manager is expected to be a strategic thinker with fantastic organizational and time management skills. To ensure success, Training Manager should understand the business operation and decision-making processes with a keen interest in producing targeted and tangible results by creating an effective and efficient workforce.

Training Manager Responsibilities:

• Identify and assess the training needs of the organization through job analysis, career paths and consultation  with Management and GLs. 

• Develop individualized and group training programs that address specific business needs.

• Develop training manuals that target tangible results.

• Implement effective and purposeful training methods.

• Effectively manage the training budget.

• Evaluate organizational performance to ensure that training is meeting business needs and improving  performance. 

• Assess employees’ skills, performance and productivity to identify areas of improvement.

• Drive brand values and philosophy through all training and development activities.

• Effectively communicate with team members, trainers and management.

• Create a curriculum to facilitate strategic training based on the organizations goals.

• Select and manage resources, including working with both internal employees and training vendors to

develop and deliver training.

• Manage the technologies and technical personnel required to develop, manage and deliver training.

• Keep abreast of training trends, developments and best practices.

• Evaluate employees and identify weaknesses

• Identify training needs according to needs

• Based on research, plan and implement training programs that will prepare employees for the next step of  their career paths 

• Lead, teach, onboard and evaluate new employees and agents

• Build quarterly and annual training program

• Prepare budget for training programs and workshops

• Track employee success and progress

• Manage the production of program marketing material in collaboration with marketing team

• Communicate all the training programs on a timely basis

• Implement training KPIs

• Prepare and present reports on training program KPIs  

Training Manager Requirements: 

• BS degree in Education, Training, HR or related field

• Experience of trainer in sales & marketing areas

• Have a good track record as trainer in solar home systems

• A minimum of 2 years experience in training and development management (essential).

• Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills.

• Track record in developing and executing successful training programs.

• Critical thinker with innovative problem solving skills.

• Highly computer literate with proficiency in MS Office and related business and communication tools.

• Familiar with traditional and modern training processes.

• Fantastic organizational and time management skills. 

• Strategic and creative mindset.

• Meticulous attention to detail.

• Ability to lead a full training cycle

• Knowledge of various training and teaching methods

• Sense of ownership and pride in your performance and its impact on company’s success

• Outstanding managerial skills

• Good time-management skills

• Proficiency in MS Office and database software

How to Apply

Interested applicants should send their CVs to recruitment@tz.wassha.com

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